Happy New Year!!!!

Wow!!!  2015 was a great year for us and all of our friends, customers, and employees.  We couldn't thank you more!!   We finally completed a new kitchen project that was 2 years in the making, we hired a great new chef, Chef Mark Davis,  we continue to put out the best food, service, and entertainment in the area!  We are constantly working with local charities and groups in our giving efforts.  We also had some really fun special events including our annual charity golf tournament to benefit Cool Kids Campaign, The Crab Ball Concert and Festival, Our Halloween ...


"Plump, delicious cake"The plump, delicous cake at this convivial bar and sports-themed restaurant is bound with egg and bread with a hint of Old Bay. Available in two sizes, 5 ounce ($13.50) and 10 ounce ($26), both are served as a platter with a choice of two sides.