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We give the customer the highest quality products available.
In 1984, a small neighborhood bar called the Fairgrounds Inn sat lifelessly on York Road. The interior walls were decorated with faded red velvet. Exposed structure beams blended with smoke stained ceiling tiles, and hardwood floors seemed to creak regardless of motion. The location, however, was prime and gained the attention of Michael Dellis. He saw through the Fairground Inn and envisioned a large restaurant with tasteful decor and excellent food. He saw a large rectangular bar with elegant mahogany accents and countless autographed pictures hanging from the walls.

The Dellis family, after pioneering the restaurant industry for fifty years, purchased the Fairgrounds Inn. They combined great food, service, and charm together and the business began to grow. On November 24th, 1990, Michael Dellis unveiled the restaurant he had envisioned six years earlier. The public response was staggering. The Dellis business theory had once again proven itself effective:

"Give the customer the highest quality products available. Offer good, friendly service in a warm atmosphere and they will return often."

In January of 1996 the Dellis family once again unveiled a new addition that is now the large dining room and patio bar. This growing process has become necessary in order to successfully accomodate the many patrons of Michael's. Continuing this process in 1999 the family expanded outdoors so the customers can enjoy beautiful days and nights surrounded by plush landscape. At the start of 2004 the family came up with a plan for a makeover of the entire restaurant inside and out. It is this constant attention to detail that sets Michael's apart from the rest. This plan will be caried out over the next 2 years. The Dellis family's commiment to quality, service, atmosphere and their employees will always be prominent in hopes of making your visit more enjoyable.

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