Where can I ship crab cakes?
Anywhere in the continental United States. We do not ship to P.O. Boxes.

When can I ship crab cakes?
We ship Monday through Thursday only. Saturday deliveries will be charged extra per customer’s zip code.

How will my order be shipped?
We ship our orders overnight through FedEx Overnight.

When will my crabcakes arrive?
For same day shipping, the order needs to be placed by noon that day. The crab cakes typically arrive by 3 pm the next day. For transit times to your area please visit www.fedex.com.

What if my order does not arrive by its scheduled delivery time?
When your order is finally shipped we will send you a confirmation email with a tracking number and a link to our shipper’s website. You will be able to track your order there. If you are still having problems you can call us toll free at 1-888-772-2451 and we can further assist you.

Does someone need to be there to accept the delivery?
No, although if the package is left and something happens to it and/or it is left outside too long, we can not be held responsible. If the order is a gift we recommend sending it to the person’s work if possible.

How do you package the crab cakes?
Each crab cake is individually wrapped and placed in a foam cooler with frozen gel packs. The crab cakes will stay cold for a minimum of 24 hours and up to 48 hours depending on the weather.

Can I ship to a business?
Yes, please note that business must be available to accept deliveries during FedEx delivery times.

Online Ordering

What is the maximum amount of crab cakes can I order?
You can order as many as you would like! Please note, any order over 30 crab cakes need to be placed before 12:00 pm the day before scheduled to ship.

Do you have different size crab cakes?
Yes, we offer a 5 oz. crab cake and a 10 oz. crab cake (often called our colossal crab cake).

Michael’s Crab Cakes

Do you cook the crab cakes before you ship them?
Yes, we broil them lightly. However, you do have the option of having them lightly fried instead. We do not ship them raw.

Are the crab cakes you ship the exact same ones that are served in your restaurant?
Absolutely, always!

What sets your crab cakes apart from others?
INGREDIENTS! We use the best jumbo lump crabmeat available, while others use lump or back fin that is of a lesser quality. The remaining ingredients are our secret recipe that date back over four generations.


How should I handle the crab cakes once they are received?
If you plan on eating them within two days you can store them in the refrigerator. If you want to hold them longer you need to freeze them; frozen they will last a couple months. Please click here for detailed instructions.

How long do they take to thaw?
They take 6-8 hours to thaw in the refrigerator.

Once thawed, how do I cook them?
Since they are lightly broiled all you have to do is put them in the microwave for one minute per crab cake. Or you can put them in the oven for 5 minutes at 350 degrees.

Are your crab cakes fresh or frozen?
Our crab cakes are made fresh on a daily basis. For shipping purposes, they are flash frozen right before they are shipped. They usually arrive frozen or partially frozen depending on the weather.

Do you recommend cocktail and/or tartar sauce?
No. Our crab cakes do not need any kind of sauce but we will include it if requested at no extra charge.


If I am sending them as a gift will you include a message?
Yes, just fill out the designated space on the order form with whatever you would like to say. We send heating instructions as well.